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Are you currently facing medical challenges?

Rest assured, the Pain Relief Assistance Center, a dedicated facet of our company, stands ready to address your medical requirements. Our array of services encompasses the provision of home medical supplies and equipment, complemented by an extensive selection of premium medical braces sourced from leading global brands. For individuals covered by Medicare or Private Insurance, the possibility exists to acquire a Pain Relieving Medical Grade Back Brace, often with minimal or no direct expenses. To explore this opportunity, we invite you to reach out to our toll-free number without delay. Our adept team will navigate the intricacies of paperwork on your behalf, potentially leading to the inclusion of your medical necessities within the coverage of your Health Insurance provider.

Pain, an omnipresent concern, prompts numerous individuals to seek medical assistance. With a staggering count of over a hundred million Americans grappling with chronic pain, it stands as a pervasive issue. Optimal pain management represents a focal point in medical practice, introducing novel methodologies and fields of research. This dynamic landscape presents a distinct twenty-first-century quandary for healthcare providers who strive to address the imperative need for pain relief.


Our Service Offers

Back Brace

These lower back braces or back support adapts in composition to support the lumbar part conditions from significant muscle strain. Lower back braces or back support made from flexible materials also gave many benefits, including correcting posture and relieving pain from the back part or lumbar.

Shoulder Brace

These shoulder brace or shoulder support intends to protect the glenohumeral joint from injury to the shoulder joint; these shoulder supports reduce the risk of shoulder injuries. The most common are single-strap, multi-strap, and humeral-cuff slings.


 Wrist Brace

These wrist braces or wrist support are designed to offer compression and stability for the hand, wrist, thumb, and curing carpal tunnel. These braces protect the wrist from metacarpal splint injury.


 Knee Brace

These knee braces or knee supports are among the most vital aspects of knee injury treatment and rehabilitation; these braces are not only for sports because they also assist the elderly. Knee braces or knee supports can make all the difference when it comes to preventing injury.


 Ankle Brace

These ankle braces or ankle supports can help prevent pain swelling; this flexion device can lessen your pain swelling by supporting joints on your ankle; it can also increase the range of motion in your ankle and significantly reduce ankle injury’s chances.


 Pain Cream

These pain creams or analgesic creams can prevent arthritis from aching when applied to the skin; this arthritis cream helps relieve joint pain when applied to the skin. This cream is applied externally to your skin, especially to the joints.


 Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor

These Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensors or Blood Sugar Monitoring works through a microsensor inserted under your skin; it can help you monitor your glucose levels from time to time to maintain your balance. The monitor may be part of an insulin pump to carry the device in your pocket.


 Cancer Testing Kit

This device can help you detect cancer early before symptoms appear; tests can are done on patients even if they don’t have cancer. The bowel cancer screening test is for 60 or over people, and it is a kit you can use at home.


 Diabetic Supplies

These diabetic supplies include insulin, insulin syringes, and insulin pens. Infusion of insulin can help treat two sorts of diabetes; it goes about as a trade for or supplement to your body’s insulin. It’s associated with a slender cylinder known as a catheter, which you put under your skin with a needle.


 Cardio Testing Kit

This cardio testing kit is one of the fastest, most co-efficient, and user-friendly analyzers, a simple, cost-effective cardio testing kit and monitoring system. This testing includes a swab test and physical fitness. If you have Medicare or Private Insurance, you may receive your Pain Relieving Medical Grade Back Brace at little to no out-of-pocket cost by calling our toll-free today. The company will handle all the paper works, and If you qualify, your Health Insurance provider will cover your medical needs. The most common reason people seek medical attention is pain; over a hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pain. The best practice medicine for pain is through pain management and researching relatively new fields compared to the rest of the treatment contributing to a twenty-first-century dilemma for healthcare providers that asked for pain relief.

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Pain Relief Assistance Center has one of the top-quality medical products and equipment selections compared to most online medical supply stores. We have been the best place for consumers and resellers to buy medical equipment and home medical supplies.

We deliver quality grade braces and medical supplies equipment fast upon receiving orders online. A representative validates and checks all patient or client requirements to have the best experience and products delivered 24 hours upon confirmation and validation.

Core Values

We strive to be the best Medical Equipment and Supplies service provider by offering our customers quality products while maintaining our focus on service and values.

Trust We are open, honest, and fair in doing validation, service, and delivery of medical equipment supplies and products.

ServiceWe are courageous and prepared to take risks to find new paths, and we learn from our mistakes.

CommitmentOur actions are clear and consistent. We do what we say, we can rely on each other, and we pursue our company’s long-term interests.

PassionWe all want to achieve the best products delivered every time.

Our Mission & Vision

We the Pain Relief Assistance Center offers home medical supplies and equipment, including the most comprehensive selection of medical bracing from the world’s highest quality brands.


A company that strives for service, delivery, and collaboration while aiming for excellence in healthcare equipment and supplies.


To provide a high standard of quality of life for patients through unmatched professionalism in medical supplies and services.