Ankle Brace

Unsurpassed levels of control and support

Velcro strap adjustable brace. The Ankle brace assists in

restricting mobility and providing the lower leg/foot extremities to give an opportunity to heal from sprain and/or injury.

For diabetic patients, it helps with Neuropathy in the feet and ankles, a precursor to amputation, by stimulating circulation through compression.

The combination of soft goods with a rigid foot plate and adjustable calf cuff provides unsurpassed levels of control and support.

Material – Soft and hard plastic sides with Velcro strap and internal breathable mesh material. The foot guard is a strong, suede-like material with durable laces to adjust the width to custom-fit each patient individually.

  • Breathable material
    Inversion/Eversion control
  • Quick lace up Figure
  • 8 strap version
  • Grade I-II sprains and strains
  • Chronic instability
  • Prophylactic use

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